Mastinell wine pack



Mastinell wine pack

This pack includes a bottle each of:

– Eliane.
– Gisele.
– Arte.
– Alba Negre.
– Alba Blanc de Lluna.
– Irene.

Our wines pair perfectly with countless dishes.





Here are some suggestions:

Eliane: White fish grilled or in the oven, pasta dishes with seafood sauces, vegetables, grilled seafood, soups, BBQ and roasted white meats, soupy rice dishes, smoked salmon.

Gisele: Gets along famously with blue fish, smoked foods, cured meats and cheeses, seafood rice and spicy foods.

Arte: White meats with sauces, roasted red meats, steak tartar, grilled or BBQ lamb, sheep’s cheese.

Alba Negre: Roasted meat dishes, cold meats, pasta with meat sauces, vegetables.

Alba Blanc de Lluna: Brightens up cocktails and complements starters, pasta, seafood, and fish.

Irene: aperitifs, salads, white and red meats, lobster, and scallops.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 43 × 66 × 61 cm
Tipo de caja

Black cardboard gift box, No gift box, Wooden gift box

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Mastinell wine pack