At Cava & Hotel Mastinell, we have a deep connection and commitment to the environment

We appreciate that future generations will walk in the footprints we leave. That’s why we are generating a sustainable ecosystem in the Penedés region in which we work, promoting responsible tourism practices alongside the area’s social and economic development.

Like all visitors to Penedés, Cava & Hotel Mastinell is a mere guest of this natural paradise. Undeniably, we can only enjoy this visit if we integrate with the land’s rhythms and needs. To achieve this, we reduce our ecological, carbon, and visual impacts on nature through:

  • Organic farming
  • Manual harvesting
  • Solar panels
  • Biomass boiler
  • Careful management of precious resources like water
  • Reducing and recycling waste
  • LED lighting

Enjoying the outdoors responsibly

We want guests to explore our vineyards and cellars and share our connection with the Penedés area, respecting its environment and culture while appreciating its social importance. Embrace the land fully by enjoying our km 0 gastronomy or indulging yourself in our wine and cava therapy treatment rooms.

Local products

Without a doubt, Cava & Hotel Mastinell’s roots are buried deeply in this territory. We want to share and maintain this land’s cultures and traditions with you through the voice of our products. Our organic vineyards in the Penedés region produce wines and cavas rooted in the locality. The En Rima restaurant, a gastronomic marvel, uses locally-sourced products that enhance these values. Indeed, many fruits and vegetables come straight from our orchard and allotment.

Manual harvesting

Manually harvesting our grapes by hand — with each cluster carefully selected and picked — stems from our commitment to sustainability within the unique Penedés environment. Expert grape harvesters choose only the best fruit in peak condition, the only way we can achieve high-quality wines and cavas.

Pest control

The protection of our vineyards is done gently by hand. This way, we can maintain a biological and sustainable balance that protects both land and vine.

Our team manually controls pests, particularly the grape moth (Lobesia Botrana), the most feared vine pest in Catalonia. How? Staff put pheromone diffusers manually on vines. These diffusers disperse a reproductive pheromone that attracts males, preventing them from fertilizing females and reducing egg laying, significantly reducing moth numbers.

Tourism sustainability certification

Cava & Hotel Mastinell’s Biosphere Certification recognizes our commitment to sustainability. The Biosphere Certification is a voluntary and independent sustainability credential with continuous improvement at its heart. The award affirms our dedication to responsible tourism and conserving the area’s resources.

Firstly, travel companies must adhere to sustainability parameters for their products and services, ensuring they provide quality experiences without compromising the environment for future generations.

Secondly, businesses protect a destination’s environmental, economic, cultural, and social dimensions, thus striking a long-term balance with day-to-day working practices. The benefits for nature, society and a company like ours are self-evident.

At Cava & Hotel Mastinell, we are proud to have chosen this path as part of our journey to a new tourism model.