When can you return a bottle of cava in a restaurant?

Published : 10/11/2018 10:12:05
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Undoubtedly, a bottle of cava that is in a deteriorated state of preservation can ruin a pleasant lunch or dinner in a restaurant. Therefore, if we think that the cava that we are going to drink does not meet the optimal standards, we should not feel ashamed to ask the sommelier to change the bottle.

With wine this practice is carried out more easily -as long as it is valid-, why not do the same with cava? If the reason is the ignorance of the characteristics that indicate to us that we can return the bottle of cava, today we tell you some of them in our blog:

  • Temperature. Regarding this first characteristic, if the bottle of cava is hot or just its temperature is not adequate, we can request that they change it for a cooler one. In the restaurant they can offer us a bucket or a cooler, but the cooling process will be slower and we may not be able to have our cava at the ideal temperature while we eat.
  • Flat cava. If when serving the cava it lacks its usual fizz, it is better to ask the waiter to change the bottle.
  • Wet or faulty cork. We should always check the cava by tasting it in the glass, but a wet cork is usually a sign that the cava is not in good condition. Also, if the cork is not open at its base when the bottle is uncorked, the gas will probably have escaped and the cava we drink will have lost its bubbles.
  • Bad smell. The cava should never present an unpleasant smell. The smell may be stronger due to CO2, but not unpleasant. We can request the waiter to remove the bottle if the smell is off.
  • Bad taste. Obviously if our cava has gone sour or it tastes like cork or transmits a bad or unpleasant taste, it is probably in poor condition. It should be noted that CO2 can provide intense acidic notes, which is not a bad characteristic or a reason to complain.

If your cava shows any of these characteristics, you can notify the sommelier of the restaurant and ask him or her to replace the bottle with another one is in good condition, making it the perfect complement to your lunch or dinner.

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