Heretat Mastinell bets to recover ancestral grape varieties

Published : 06/11/2018 10:15:16
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A few years ago, in Heretat Mastinell we decided to start planting new vineyards with ancestral grape varieties that are in the process of recovering after having been on the verge of extinction during the last century. An action that brings wealth and variety to our vineyards. In this sense, we have started betting on three of them: Malvasía de Sitges, Sumoll and Monastrell.
recover ancestral grape varities
The planting of this type of variety entails, first of all, an improvement of our plant heritage. And is that cultivated plant diversity is part of our heritage and is also part of a culture and an idiosyncrasy that should be protected by being part of what defines us.
But in addition, it will allow us to offer to the market wines that are different and at the same time authentic and interesting to satisfy the new wine consumer, more curious and better informed than ever. Finally, taking into account biodiversity, having vineyards that respond differently to environmental conditions is a guarantee against possible adversities (drought, pests ...).
As we indicated before, in this first plantation we have bet on three ancestral varieties. The first one is the Malvasía de Sitges, of which we have planted a total of 1.4 hectares. This is a very unproductive variety, which gives very long clusters of very characteristic small and separate grapes. It has the greatness of maintaining a sufficiently high level of acidity during ripening as it does with varieties such as Chardonnay. Its grape is very versatile and allows you to make all kinds of wines, from sparkling to sweet wines, young whites or aged wines and even interesting liquor wines.
On the other hand, we have also decided to plant the Sumoll variety. It is an red variety, resistant to drought, of large and blue grapes. It appreciates the high temperatures to mature properly since it contains a high concentration of malic acid. Aromatically it is a complex grape that brings many notes of blue flowers (violets ...) as well as red fruit (cherry ...), herbal touches (hay ...) and balsamic (eucalyptus ...). The color of its wines is ruby ​​red, of low or medium low layer, it is therefore a grape with low coloring intensity.
Finally, we have opted to plant one hectare of the ancestral Monastrell variety. Although it adapts well to high temperatures, it can suffer from drought and is sensitive to fungi, so it benefits from breezes and gentle winds. It has a very late cycle, it sprouts late and ripens after other grapes. Its skin is thick and contains a high concentration of tannins and coloring matter. A vintage at the appropriate time will result in wines with a high alcohol content, with a great structure, a lot of body and a dark color. Its aromas are always deep and complex, finding notes ranging from blackberry jam to leather.
Soon we will talk more about each variety in our blog!

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